Bare hands pushing hard in rhythm, a woman urges her wheelchair along the pedestrian way in Dee Why. She wears a blue t-shirt, knee-length black pants and dark sunglasses. Her hair is white, and tied behind with elastic.

She looks back with a grin at the fluffy little dog galloping after her, a sheltie wearing a grey face mask. The dog overtakes her on the up ramp and waits with wagging tail in the Music House doorway, but falls in line again as the woman wheels past. Then they vanish, both of them, round a sudden, hidden turn.

Minutes later they reappear, passing the Music House together and starting down the ramp. The little dog drops back so as not to get run over, but presses forward so its mask is almost touching the chair. At the bottom, as soon as they clear the ramp, the sheltie breaks out and races alongside its human.

Pure joy.