Across the road, a man pushes a two-wheeled trolley into the club. He wears a black cap, pink t-shirt, long black shorts and trainers. The trolley contains a drum and black cases.

On this side of the road, a man pushes a trolley to the lights. With his black cap and trainers, he wears a short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt and skinny blue jeans. His trolley contains two amplifier cases.

Walking beside the second man is a woman with a folded chrome stand in her hand. She wears a long, floaty skirt, black tank top and trainers. A guitar-shaped instrument in a soft case is strapped to her back, but it’s too big to be a guitar and too thin to be a cello. The case has a strip of brown fuzz at the bottom and a white plastic, throwaway shopping bag hanging from a pocket.

They press the button and wait to cross the road.

The plot thickens.