Two women pause in the doorway with an embarrassed dog. The younger woman, who’s not young but wears a perky little cap to show she is, but not old either, calls out ‘Do you mind?’ with a smile (see how nice I am?) ‘It’s just that we’ve got the dog and I’m not sure …’ pause … She tilts her head shop-side, frowning and touching her ear for emphasis. ‘I can’t hear you.’

The server commits. Long enquiries follow concerning iced mocha versus iced coffee and why is that one this price when that one’s oh it has gelato on top? which prompts a flurry of gelato-on-top related questions, and everything must then be relayed separately to the older woman who’s already heard it all but needs time to think.

The women sit outside. The dog pretends he’s with a bigger dog that’s friendly, but can’t get away because of the lead. There’s a brief hiatus.

Then the woman with the perky cap returns to the shop’s interior. She wants to ask about the cakes.