The Water Flask

The foreground has a shaded footpath, a shaded low wall and three shaded figures sitting on the wall. Beyond, in bright sunshine, is a stretch of pale sand, a choppy surf and dark blue sea beyond the breakers. The sky is a pale, washed out blue. Five figures stand at the edge of the surf, and others splash in the waves. Seagulls in clusters stand at the very edge of the water, facing left. Of the three foreground figures, two are women half turned towards each other, with bags on the wall between them. The third figure sits further along, head bowed as if reading, and is almost in silhouette. Her white bag sits behind her on the path, printed with a design and the word ‘Joyful’. Beside her, on the wall, stands a transparent flask half filled with water. A thick straw rises from the bottom of the flask and pokes up through an angled lid.