A slender young Asian woman stands against a wall of huge, solid granite blocks with deep channels between them. She wears a short black skirt trimmed in white with a wide white sash at the waist, and a black top leaving her midroff bare. Her weight is on one leg so that the skirt hangs higher on one side. Her shoes are white lace-ups and her hair is back. She holds a phone near her face in one hand, and a big white envelope rests in the crook of that elbow, all but concealing her torso. One corner of the envelope touches the white waist sash. Her head is bent towards the phone and her free hand is lifted, one finger touching her eyebrow. A long, skinny white shoulder strap suspends a tiny white bag at an angle on her skirt. Above the girl is a huge window framed in wide granite verticals, smaller side windows, and a solid metal panel beneath with geometric designs. The window contains a huge fashion poster depicting four people in the background and a woman in front whose pose is similar to that of the young woman below, but reversed, with the weight on her opposite leg. The woman in the poster wears heels and a matching brown, knee-length dress, and her hand holds a brown purse against her thigh. Her free arm is lifted, crossing her chest and reaching behind the opposite shoulder. She stands as tall as the real woman below. Carved into the stone between them are the words ‘Barrack Street’.