Fossicking, On a Forgotten Winter’s Day

A group of adults and children cast long shadows as they fossick on a beach. Everyone is dressed for Winter, in jumpers and long trousers, except for a man in shorts and t-shirt who bends down to support a child, a blue backpack on the sand beside him. A second man, almost in silhouette at the water’s edge, fully dressed and carrying a backpack, leans forward holding the hand of a toddler in a pink top, red pants and trainers. The man’s heel is lifted, with water flowing beneath. Nearby are two small girls with long blonde hair. They’re dressed alike, and may be twins. One crouches down on the sand, hair loose, and the other stands facing the sea with her toes almost touching the waves. She wears a jacket with long sleeves, a knee-length dress, dark tights and white trainers. Her hair is in a plait. One arm lifts slightly, as if she wants to reach out. A woman walks down the sand towards the group, hair up, hands on hips. She wears long pants and a white hoody, but her feet are bare.