A Wall of History

A wide photograph looking across a street to the side of a flat-roofed, windowless, two-storey building. It’s a brick wall painted predominantly in deep Prussian Blue, but there are patches where other paint, or no paint, is showing. On the right, almost all the top half shows an older base colour of dark green, where the framework supporting an advertising hoarding has been removed after many years. There are two patches of bare brickwork inside the green area, one at each end, and patches of light blue, white or the same deep blue of the rest of the wall. Black stains gather along the top edge and run down the wall in streaks. Near the ground, on the left, a big section of blue has been cut back unevenly to bare brickwork beside a sign saying 'Wicks', and beneath a panel of big coloured squares. Two surfboard signs stand out at the other end, and a Customer Parking sign in the middle.