An old woman sits in the aisle seat of the bus. The window seat beside her is empty. She’s a big woman in blue jeans, a big black pullover and sunglasses. Her hair is dark brown, in a short bob, with a thin red head band.

Reaching suddenly across the empty seat beside her, she stabs a long finger at the window and speaks.

An old man on the seat in front of her, by the window, turns his head as far as it will go and looks at her in peripheral vision. He has a black cap, a grey cardigan and a messy shirt collar. His face is very red and his mouth is moving.

The woman flicks her hand at him in dismissal, but he’s already turned away.

At Dee Why the woman stands and the man follows her to the front of the bus. She sits in the window seat so there’s room for him beside her. He sits across the aisle.