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  • And just for a moment, the silence was deafening …

  • Excited About Audio

    I’ve just watched the first tutorial in the video series This is Reaper 6, by Kenny Gioia. So impressed! Here is someone who really knows how to make a video tutorial! He doesn’t rush, he isn’t condescending, he assumes zero knowledge on the part of his viewers (totally correct in my case), and he doesn’t overload the brain (thankfully, because mine overloads easily these days).

    I’m interested in audio production. Not music, so much, but spoken voice and ambient sounds, and I want to know how to capture these and present them as well as I can. Maybe do a podcast one day. 🎧

    Now, on to Video 2 :)

  • Test For A Microcast

  • The mystery is only revealed at the end.

  • Sometimes an escalator is just really funky.