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  • In the late afternoon a big fluffy cloud appears from nowhere, hanging like a space ship in my window.

  • Night of the super moon, Collaroy Beach

    Long stretch if beach at night with lights in the distance Looking down on footpath, sandstone wall and beach, at night.
  • Early morning at Collaroy Beach

    Looking past building and pine tree silhouettes with grey clouds and red sky on the horizon.
  • Full image again, I hope, but from Sunlit this time (not from the micro.blog iOS app) …

  • Full image this time? Just shared from photos to micro.blog.

  • Accidentally Reformatted Photo

    Post from micro.blog on the iOS app. A few minutes ago I posted a photo to micro.blog, from the Sunlit app. I’m just going to add a photo here …

    It’s one of the pine trees lit up at Collaroy Beach, the night of the red super-moon. Which didn’t really look super, in fact.

    The app has reformatted the photo and cut off the bottom … for some reason.

    I’ve added these two paragraphs in the micro.blog iOS app edit screen

  • Photos test post: rock at 4032 × 3024px