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sascha martin

  • Aggie read with all her being,
    but she didn’t need to squawk,
    So she wasn’t like those other girls
    who are because they talk.

    Sascha Martin’s Aliens: an unpublished adventure

  • This is the same uploaded image as last post (550pxw) but set to be generated at 200px wide …

  • This is an image that starts out 550px wide, and should end up at 480px wide …

  • This is to see if the thumbnail generation (480px max) works: See this post

  • This is a test post to try to get the alt tag working. I thought the option to add “a description” was supposed to pop up when you add an image. but it hasn’t. Hmmm.

    this is an alt tag
  • A second post would be this one. I might upload a photo, any old photo, as an example. Then I might try audio in the next one.

    image from Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship