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  • Test For A Microcast

  • IMG 0003

    Upload at 10.43.30

  • IMG 2920

    Well this image appeared straight away. I can’t figure out what’s going on with marsEdit and images from my computer.

  • Chevrolet Vega Johnson at home

    10.29 and still no image on the blog.IMG 2913

    Uploaded at 10.19.0am

    Appeared immediately but without the photo. Instead, a rectangle the right size containing the alt text. The delay is because the photo was inserted from my Photos app, which is only storing low-res versions locally. The original has to be downloaded first, I think, before MarsEdit can upload it.

    Deleted and re-inserted the image in MarsEdit. Uploading update at 10.32.50 … Now that worked straight away …

  • Strictly a test post to see whether it appears straight away on the blog.

    Okay. The original displayed on the blog immediately. What about this edit in MarsEdit?

    I see. The edit did not display immediately. It took some time. A couple of minutes? I am sending this new edit to the blog at 9.40.30am

    And it appeared immediately when I refreshed the page at JohnAN.micro.blog. And this edit?

    Also immediate. Adding MarsEdit Category in MarsEdit after refreshing blog to get it.

  • SOE Agent

    This is going to start as a draft saved in Mars Edit. Later I’ll upload it to the blog. I need to figure out what to do with DevonThink. Like, how can I use it, apart from its rss feed reading abilities?

    And is all this tinkering merely avoidance behaviour?

    Corner of envelope showing a UK stamp with portrait of female SOE agent in WW2.

    This didn’t publish by itself on the blog when I uploaded it. I could see it in “Posts” but it had a message saying it wasn’t published yet.

  • This is a very short post created in MarsEdit 4, the beta version, I think, but I can’t remember what the extra feature was that made me get the beta version.

    I have Mars Edit set to plain text.

  • The mystery is only revealed at the end.

  • Sometimes an escalator is just really funky.

  • Does the image disappear from the front page and timeline if I add a title?

    The smallest climbing wall ever

  • Night of the super moon, Collaroy Beach

    Long stretch if beach at night with lights in the distance Looking down on footpath, sandstone wall and beach, at night.
  • Early morning at Collaroy Beach

    Looking past building and pine tree silhouettes with grey clouds and red sky on the horizon.
  • Full image again, I hope, but from Sunlit this time (not from the micro.blog iOS app) …

  • Full image this time? Just shared from photos to micro.blog.

  • Accidentally Reformatted Photo

    Post from micro.blog on the iOS app. A few minutes ago I posted a photo to micro.blog, from the Sunlit app. I’m just going to add a photo here …

    It’s one of the pine trees lit up at Collaroy Beach, the night of the red super-moon. Which didn’t really look super, in fact.

    The app has reformatted the photo and cut off the bottom … for some reason.

    I’ve added these two paragraphs in the micro.blog iOS app edit screen

  • Photos test post: rock at 4032 × 3024px

  • Photos test post: Chevy at 1535 × 1767px

  • This is the same uploaded image as last post (550pxw) but set to be generated at 200px wide …

  • This is an image that starts out 550px wide, and should end up at 480px wide …

  • This is to see if the thumbnail generation (480px max) works: See this post

  • Photo of Mt Etna posted from the Mac app. Can display and select categories via menu, and if I click on the thumbnail of the image I’ve chosen, in the new post box, the accessibility description (alt text) box drops down. Score!

  • This is a test post to try to get the alt tag working. I thought the option to add “a description” was supposed to pop up when you add an image. but it hasn’t. Hmmm.

    this is an alt tag
  • A third post now to see how categories work.

  • A second post would be this one. I might upload a photo, any old photo, as an example. Then I might try audio in the next one.

    image from Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship